Creating a Virtual Library Classroom Tool for Digital Age Youth

Serina Patterson


This article considers the changing learning practices of today’s digital youth, the Net Generation, and the use of digital technologies to create collaborative and interactive learning spaces to meet their needs.  Specifically, the author details the creation of SD62’s Online Library website, a project designed to explore the impact of e-reading on digital age youth in the classroom.  Through the concepts of connectivity, interactivity, and accessibility, it is argued that SD62’s Online Library highlights alternate approaches to online learning and provides a foundation for better integration of Web 2.0 technology into learning environments.


Learning environments; Pedagogy; Application; Web 2.0; Social network; Digital age youth; Web design; SD62's Online Library; Radical Change Theory; environnements d'étude; pédagogie; application; internet 2.0; jeunesse d'âge numérique; design de web, SD6

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