CALL FOR PAPERS: Scholarly and Research Communication

Evolving Ecosystem Dynamics of Journal Publishing:  Canadian SSH Journal Publishing and Global Change

    Scholarly and Research Communication welcomes proposals for scholarly contributions focused on evolving journal-publishing dynamics. Our planned special issue is intended to highlight both achievements and challenges of social science and humanities journal publishing in Canada; however, proposals that bring forward developments worldwide and across all disciplines are also welcome. Contributions are invited from innovators, researchers, and those involved in journal publishing. SRC publishes a wide range of formats that together provide widespread opportunities for the presentation of knowledge (articles, technical reports, field notes, interactive engagement, and commentary).


Like journals worldwide, Canadian social science and humanities journals are facing a tsunami of change composed of a variety of elements and affecting various aspects of their operations. They include:

  • The staffing for their academic editorial work;
  • Structures, funding, and operations for the maintenance of rigorous peer review;
  • Funding and in-kind support for production from Canada’s universities, research institutes, and departments;
  • Earnings from consumption (reading);
  • The emergence and implications of author-pay models and their differential impact across disciplines;
  • The diversion of journal support funds to nascent distribution platforms;
  • Reduced funding for proven, cost-efficient and effective business models that help to sustain strong foundational Canadian journals;
  • The widespread expectation that content should be freely accessible without consideration of production, development, and professional education costs for workers;
  • Innovation, development, value enhancement, and expansion by the commercial journal-publishing sector;
  • The realignment of control of the production and dissemination of knowledge including the growing role by funding agencies, sponsors and academic institutions and the shrinking role of academics.

    Amidst such change, like other journals round the world, Canada’s scholarly journals have successfully transitioned from print to online publishing and increased their effectiveness, in some cases moving from less than 1,000 print subscribers, mainly in three to six countries, to more than half-a-million annual article views worldwide. As well, they have increased their digital literacy via such means as search-engine optimization and the embrace of expanded digital opportunities. The proposed special issue is intended to document developments and to identify opportunities, perhaps in evidence internationally, for further developments in research communication.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: January 11, 2019.

Deadline for paper submission: August 31, 2019.

Enquiries are welcome. Please contact Rowland Lorimer,