Editorial Team

Editor, Publisher, and Financial Manager: Rowland Lorimer, PhD, Editor-in-Chief (founder Master of Publishing program and Canadian Institute for Studies in Publishing (CISP) SFU)

Editorial Board members

Dimitry Anastakis, History, University of Toronto
Penney Clark, Education, University of British Columbia
Daniel O'Donnell, Literature, Lethbridge University
Suzanne Kettley, Retired CEO, Canadian Science Publishing
Richard Smith, Four University Consortium Vancouver BC, DIrector, Digital Media Program
Éric Spalding, Communication, Communication, Univ. of Fraser the Valley
Adrian Stanley, Chief Innov. and Dev'm't Officer, JMIR Publications
Eugenia Zuroski, Literature, McMaster University

Managing Editor: Marilyn Bittman, BA, Editor, manager, copyeditor, and proofreader. Marilyn manages an additional editorial and production team of freelance editors, translators, and designers.

Professional editors: Naomi Pauls, MPub, Claire Philipson, BA, Heather Gatz, BComm, BFA, and Jennifer Martin, BA.

Graphic Designer: Brian Hydesmith, BA, a graphic designer.

Technical manager/programmer: Alex Sutcliffe, BA, MPub. 

Translator/copyeditor: Eric Spalding, PhD (Communications).