About the Journal

Scholarly and Research Communication is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, Open Access online journal that publishes original contributions to the understanding of production, dissemination, and usage of knowledge. It emphasizes the dynamics of representation and changing organizational elements, including technologically mediated workflows, ownership, and legal structures.

Contributions are welcomed in all media and span formal research and analysis; technical reports and demonstration; commentary, and review.

The journal provides scholarly assessment and editorial evaluation and fine-tuning without charge. Authors must provide publishable copy or purchase needed editorial services from the journal.

Abstracts are presented in French and English and occasionally articles are published in French. As an experimental journal building on interests in media, technology, and organization, SRC’s key efforts are: evolving protocols and understanding of digital publishing and, more broadly, of scholarly and research communication dynamics.

SRC places particular value in highlighting the contribution to dissemination, community building, and forward-thinking in a world undergoing dramatic transformation as a result of the digitization of information, emerging, world-girding climate and health challenges, and a seeming shift in inclusivity.

Most recently, SRC has published original syntheses of knowledge derived from formal lectures created for online learning. These lectures reveal the nature and inherent originality of academic work and the powerful syntheses that can launch careers and forever change the worldviews of students.

As well, in the context of possible climate collapse, a rolling pandemic, a new level of consciousness surrounding diversity, massive breakthroughs in understanding brain functioning, and the digitally enabled triumvirate of big data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence, SRC has opened its pages to courageous, disciplined Reflections and Conjecture focused on the nature and dynamics of humanism and the social.

SRC is a leading participant in the development of Readership Analytics Software for small, independent, journals that provides easy-to-understand tables and figures from a combined set of data sources.

Inquiries of the Editor are welcome.