Showcase Browsing with Texttiles 2.0 and BubbleLines

Alejandro Giacometti, Stan Ruecker, Carlos Fioirentino


In this article, we argue that it is possible to effectively expand interactions with a subset of a collection of text files by using an online interface based on rich-prospect browsing principles, coupled with task-specific visualization tools. In this context, we will present the revisions carried out to create the next iteration of the Texttiles browser, based on results from a user study in 2009. These changes have produced a much more flexible platform for showcasing significant items in text collections, based on user selections of display details, arrangement of items into groups, and annotation marks. In addition, we introduce BubbleLines, an interactive visualization that sits on the Texttiles 2.0 Application Programming Interface (API) and allows users to see search results across multiple documents simultaneously.


Showcase browsing; Texttiles 2.0; BubbleLines; Application Programming Interface; Visualization tools; Rich-prospect browsing; Collection management

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