The Visual Re-Mediation of a Complex Narrative: Re-Imagining the "Small World" Stories of Journey to Horseshoe Bend

  • Rachel Morley University of Western Sydney
  • Hart Cohen University of Western Sydney
Keywords: Strehlow, Database, Aboriginal, Narrative, Archive


This article has its foundations in a research project that was launched to compile a range of related archival records and media resources into a digital database repository with the intention of hyperlinking this material to specific and significant points in a selected text, T.G.H Strehlow’s Journey to Horseshoe Bend. There are elements of the text that are of potential and particular relevance to the Aranda community based at Ntaria – also known as Hermannsburg – in Central Australia. The article traverses across a range of issues pertinent to the knowledge communities marked out by the text, and presents a case for representing and reimagining Journey to Horseshoe Bend in database narrative form.