Touch Here to Begin: Paper Interfaces and Legible Circuits

  • Matthew Wizinsky University of Illinois at Chicago
Keywords: Interaction Design, Prototyping, Learning Tools, Learning Environments


An exploration of methods for interfacing paper objects with computers and micro-processors to blend printed and digital media within learning environments. Experimentation with conductive inks has shaped a new area of typographic exploration that seeks to blend the constraints of drawing functional circuits with the creation of new forms of legible letters. Touch a letter to trigger projected textual documents or videos. Trace the words on the page with your fingertip to expand a collection of digital media.

Author Biography

Matthew Wizinsky, University of Illinois at Chicago

Matthew Wizinsky is Assistant Professor in the School of Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Research Specialist at the UIC Innovation Center where he operates the Responsive Media Lab, exploring new platforms for merging digital and physical learning experiences through material research and prototyping multimedia interactive systems. He is also principal of the independent design consultancy Studio Junglecat.