Exploding, Centralizing and Reimagining: Critical Scholarship Refracted Through the NewRadial Prototype


  • Jon Saklofske Acadia University INKE




Digital scholarship, monographs, journals, INKE, NewRadial, prototype


This paper discusses the ways that INKE's Modelling and Prototyping team is extending the NewRadial prototype environment to re-present print-based monographs and journals, while enabling new layers and patterning opportunities for those existing forms of scholarship. NewRadial will also be modified to explore, support and encourage digital-born forms of scholarship that retain print-based affordances, but which organize argumentation differently (i.e. linked and layered mind maps, concept maps or flow charts). Through this, we are modelling different types of social aggregation within centralized workspaces to counter the isolation and scattered dialogues that often result from print-based distribution.

Author Biography

Jon Saklofske, Acadia University INKE

Dr. Jon Saklofske is an Associate Professor at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada.  His specialization in the writing of the British Romantic period and continuing interest in the ways that William Blake's composite art illuminates the relationship between words and images on the printed page has inspired current work on the NewRadial data visualisation tool and additional research into larger correlations between media forms and cultural perceptions.  In addition to co-leading and actively researching for INKE's Modelling and Prototyping group, he is actively exploring the usefulness of incorporating virtual environments and game-based pedagogy into undergraduate courses.  Other research interests include virtuality and environmental storytelling in Disney theme parks and player agency, self-representation, gamification and procedural rhetoric in video games.