African Researcher 2.0: Using New Technologies to Join Global Academic Conversations

  • Miriam Conteh-Morgan The Ohio State University Libraries
Keywords: Knowledge dissemination, research impact, disruptive change, Web 2.0 tools and practices


Researchers in Africa have typically been regarded as consumers, not producers, of academic information. More recently, open access publishing has been advanced as a way of getting research from Africa more easily and widely available, but there needs to be more than just changes to the dissemination outlet. This article discusses how researchers in Africa can join global academic conversations through a rethinking of their research work flows, and how they can strategically position themselves and their research in knowledge streams for rippling impact.

Author Biography

Miriam Conteh-Morgan, The Ohio State University Libraries
Miriam Conteh-Morgan is an Associate Professor and Subject Librarian for African Studies, Linguistics, French and African American Studies at The Ohio State University.