Syntheses, Reflections and Conjectures in Scholarly and Research Communication


Scholarly and Research Communication is opening new knowledge frontiers while maintaining key traditions such as peer review, originality, and significance. To address a need for thoughtful boldness, Scholarly and Research Communication wishes to consider submissions that capture disciplined, innovative, and creative Syntheses, Reflections, and Conjectures aimed at fully engaging with major shifts in

  • research and research techniques ;
  • an exploding digitized information environment; and,
  • a social environment replete with socio-political and socio-economic, health and lifestyle, climate, and population-based global issues.

Published syntheses will go beyond cataloging and curating. They will be an explicit integration that, for many readers, will result in insight beyond normal conceptualizations in the field the author(s) is (are) considering. They will also address an issue of consequence, one that has, or will have, a significant impact on large numbers of people. 

Published conjectures will address an issue of consequence and will be founded on existing research and understanding, conceptualized in a manner that makes it open to empirical verification.

Inquiries are welcome: Rowland Lorimer, SRC editor,