Vol 4, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents


Organized Access to the Ibero-American Quality Journals: The PPL Experience PDF HTML
Ana Maria Cetto, José Octavio Alonso-Gamboa, Saray Córdoba González, Elea Giménez-Toledo, Guillermo Chávez Sánchez
Digital Developments in Libraries, Journals, and Monograph Publishing: Emerging Pitfalls, Practices, and Possibilities PDF HTML
Rowland Lorimer
European Journal of Taxonomy: A Public Collaborative Project in Open Access Scholarly Communication PDF HTML
Laurence Bénichou, Koen Martens, Graham Higley, Isabelle Gérard, Steven Dessein, Daphné Duin, Mark John Costello
Build It and They Will Come? Support for Open Access in Australia PDF HTML
Danny Abigail Kingsley
China’s Scientific Journals in a Transforming Period: Present Situation and Developing Strategies PDF HTML
Shengli Ren, Adrian Thomas Stanley, Hong Yang, Phillippa J. Benson, Weiguo Xu

Technical Reports

Enhancing Scholarly Publications: Developing Hybrid Monographs in the Humanities and Social Sciences PDF HTML
Nicholas Jankowski, Andrea Scharnhorst, Clifford Tatum, Zuotian Tatum

Field Notes

A Field Note Describing the Development and Dissemination of Clear Language Research Summaries for University-Based Knowledge Mobilization PDF HTML
David Phipps