A Field Note Describing the Development and Dissemination of Clear Language Research Summaries for University-Based Knowledge Mobilization


  • David Phipps Office of Research Services York University
  • Krista Jensen
  • Michael Johnny
  • Gary Myers




research summary, clear language, knowledge mobilization


This field note places research summaries in the context of the knowledge mobilization literature and then describes the development, evaluation and dissemination of clear language research summaries as tools for research outreach, research communication and knowledge mobilization. The ResearchSnapshot clear language research summary format was developed with input from a Steering Committee comprised of academic and non-academic members. The research summary format was tested in roundtables of diverse research stakeholders and received positive feedback. The research summaries were then made accessible online and disseminated using a social media strategy. The use of twitter to enhance dissemination of the research summaries increased web traffic to the research summary database by 270%. This field note concludes with clear recommendations for individuals and organizations interested in developing their own clear language research summaries.

Author Biography

David Phipps, Office of Research Services York University

Director, Research Services & Knowledge Exchange

Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Graduate Studies



2012-10-03 — Updated on 2020-07-03




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