Alternatives to Author-Centric Knowledge Organization

  • Rama C. Hoetzlein Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark
Keywords: Quanta, Knowledge environment, Representation of text, Authorship, Information studies, Encyclopedias, Language-based systems / Quanta, Environnement de connaissance, Représentation de texte, Profession d’auteur, études de l’information, Encyclopédies


This article explores the differences between collaborative and collective authorship, focusing on the most obvious example of the latter, the Internet, and the challenges it poses for knowledge organization. An alternative to current author-centric knowledge systems is presented in the experimental Quanta system.

Author Biography

Rama C. Hoetzlein, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark
Rama C. Hoetzlein is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Department of Architecture and Media Technology, Aalborg University at Copenhagen, Lautrupvang 15, Ballerup, Denmark