New Theories and Methods for Screen-Centred Interfaces: A Pilot Study


  • Sheila Petty University of Regina
  • Luigi Benedicenti
  • Christian Riegel
  • Katherine Robinson



Screen-centered interface, Aesthetics, Technology, Visual media, Devices, Cognitive, cultural, and aesthetic, Text, Digital media


There is an urgent need to examine the ways in which screen-centred interfaces present images and encode and decode meaning, identity, and culture. This project is an interdisciplinary collaboration by four researchers at the University of Regina and builds on our work on screen-centred interfaces in our respective disciplines of cognitive psychology, literary studies, media studies, and software systems engineering. The fundamental goals of our collaborative project are to engage interdisciplinary means and perspectives to systematically develop effective methodologies to measure cognitive processes, aesthetic effects, and software and hardware efficacy of the new and developing digital media. In this project/pilot study we intend to select a series of media fragments that include poetic, visual, and language texts, as well as those that combine these features, and present them on a variety of screen-centred interfaces to explore their cognitive and aesthetic effects and features.


Author Biography

Sheila Petty, University of Regina

Sheila Petty is the Dean of Fine Arts and Professor in the Department of Media Studies at the the University of Regina, 3737 Wascana Pkwy, Regina, SK, Canada S4S 7K2