Sound, Ink, Bytes: Geographical Information through the Centuries

  • Øyvind Eide University of Oslo
Keywords: Major Peter Schnitler, Media history, Manuscript studies, Textual studies, Textuality / Major Peter Schnitler, Histoire de medias, études de manuscript, études textuelles, Textuality


This article is based on research carried out as part of the author’s PhD studies at the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College, London, and is concerned with the processes of creating and changing texts through different mediums. This article takes the Schnitler protocols, a study commissioned by the Danish government on Norwegian-Swedish/Finish border relations, as an example through which to examine the relationship between different documents, oral, written, print, and digital, and the stylistic and content changes that were likely introduced through each of the transformations from one medium to another.

Author Biography

Øyvind Eide, University of Oslo
Øyvind Eide is a Senior Analyst at the Unit for Digital
Documentation, University of Oslo, Postboks 1123 Blindern, 0317 Oslo