Using Open Journal Systems to Move from Paper Production to Online Open Access

  • Laura C Botsford University of Alberta
  • Kevin D. Haggerty University of Alberta


The Canadian Journal of Sociology is an independent, peer-reviewed publication, originally constituted as a charitable organization in 1975. From 1975 to 2008, CJS was printed quarterly and mailed to its subscribers. The move to Open Access and the Open Journal System has meant some adjustments philosophically and pragmatically. In outlining them below, we hope to guide other journals who may be contemplating the same move. While we focus on our use of the Open Journal System, the comments are easily transferrable to other programs and situations.

Author Biographies

Laura C Botsford, University of Alberta

Assistant to the Editor

Canadian Journal of Sociology

Department of Sociology

Kevin D. Haggerty, University of Alberta

Associate Professor

Department of Sociology

Editor, Canadian Journal of Sociology