An Introduction to the Canadian Association of Learned Journals Readership Analytics Project’s Compiled Online Journal Usage Software


  • Rowland Lorimer Editor, Simon Fraser University



Background: This technical paper contains written versions of the texts that accompany a set of five slide-based movies that provide instruction and reviews the compiled analysis generated by the software developed by the Canadian Association of Learned Journals Readership Analytics Project.

Analysis: First come usage instructions. Next are the second and third movies that walk the listener/reader through a case study-based summary of the Standard and Premium Reports. Fourth is a multi-year analysis of the case-study data. Fifth are some observations and insights.

Observations and insights: The data provide a foundation for a detailed understanding journal usage. At a second level, the data point to ongoing growth in usage at less than five cents per full text article view by users in an environment in which lowering acquisition costs and declining library subscriptions predominate. The data also show widespread use throughout the collection of articles that the journal has brought forward over its 40-plus years of operation. Finally, the data suggest a number of article profiles that may assist in understanding usage.


Journal metrics; Online journal usage; Journal publishing; Open access; Data visualization; Scholarly Communication.






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