Book Review: Alternative and Activist New Media

  • James G.R. Cronin University College Cork, Ireland
Keywords: Alternative and Activist New Media


Alternative and Activist New Media. Digital Media and Society Series. By Leah A. Lievrouw. Pp. 294. USA/England, Polity Press, 2011. ISBN-13: 978-0-7456-4184-3 (pb).

Author Biography

James G.R. Cronin, University College Cork, Ireland
James Cronin (School of History & Centre for Adult Continuing Education), University College Cork, is a learning resources officer (School of History) and programme co-ordinator (Centre for Adult Continuing Education). He has published on new pedagogies and digital cultures. He is a committee member of Digital Resources in the Humanities and the Arts (UK). He currently reviews for the journal Interdisciplinary Science Reviews.
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