Scholarly and Research Communication: A Journal and Some Founding Ideas


  • Rowland Lorimer Editor, Simon Fraser University



Open access, Scholarly publishing, Scholarly and research communication, Online publishing, Journal business models, Commercial journal publishing, Knowledge production, Knowledge dissemination, STM journal pricing


Abstract: In general, publishers are motivated by social values rather than by profit. They provide a service by transforming a manuscript into an exploitable literary property targeted at a known market. STM journal publishers distinguish themselves by extracting maximum profit based on the potential financial value of the need-to-know research they report. In the 1990s and aided by the Internet, scholars began to reassert control of journals and journal publishing. Scholarly effort has focused on transmission, that is to say, production and creation of the public record. Full control by the scholarly community must embrace the transformative nature of publishing, and reinvolving publishers to provide a full range of publishing services would seem desirable. The journal Scholarly and Research Communication is being founded to document the developing study and technology involved in this quickly expanding field.