Integrated Knowledge Transfer and Exchange: An Organizational Approach for Stakeholder Engagement and Communications


  • Dwayne Van Eerd Institute for Work & Health
  • Ron Saunders Institute for Work & Health University of Toronto



Knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) is a process of making relevant research information available and accessible for use in practice or policy. Integrated KTE, where knowledge users are engaged in the research process, is considered to better facilitate uptake and use. The objective of this paper is to describe a fully integrated KTE approach developed over the past 20 years. Key concepts related to knowledge user engagement as well as the integration of communications within KTE are described. The organizational KTE approach is flexible and can be adapted to a variety of research areas.

Author Biographies

Dwayne Van Eerd, Institute for Work & Health

Dwayne Van Eerd is a Scientist,  Institute for Work & Health.

Ron Saunders, Institute for Work & Health University of Toronto

Ron Saunders is the Director of Knowledge Transfer and Exchange, Institute for Work & Health.