Digital Theoria, Poiesis, and Praxis: Activating Humanities Research and Communication through Open Social Scholarship Platform Design


  • Jon Saklofske Acadia University
  • INKE Research Group



Open social scholarship, Publishing platforms, Communication, Research, Knowledge dissemination, Tools and practices, Virtual research and learning environments


Background: Scholarly communication has not experienced the kinds of digital enhancements enjoyed by researchers. The continuing domination of journals and monographs as primary venues of professional exchange and validation signifies lingering habits of critical perception, but also an opportunity to imagine and implement new collaborative publishing environments, models, and platforms.

Analysis: Examples of innovative projects bottlenecked by traditional reporting methods illustrate the need for such transformative practices.

Conclusion and implications: Developing flexible digital environments to establish open social scholarship as the default mode of critical inquiry and reporting is essential to the digital transformation of scholarly communication.

Author Biography

Jon Saklofske, Acadia University

Professor, Department of English and Theatre