A Brief Taxonomy of Prototypes for the Digital Humanities

  • Stan Ruecker
Keywords: Prototype, provotype, design, digital humanities


In principle and in practice, the use of prototypes in the companion “interdisciplines” of design and the digital humanities is perhaps surprisingly similar, given the many other differences that exist between the two fields. However, in both cases there are important distinctions to be made between various categories of prototypes. In general, there are three categories of prototype, which are intended for experiment, development, and provocation respectively. Although it might be argued that the overlap between these three groups renders them useless, if they are construed correctly, it becomes clear that the distinctions are not only meaningful, but can also be suggestive of new methods of working.

Author Biography

Stan Ruecker
Stan Ruecker is Associate Professor at the Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology, 350 North La Salle Street, 4th Floor, Chicago, IL, USA 60610