An Entity By Any Other Name: Linked Open Data as a Basis for a Decentered, Dynamic Scholarly Publishing Ecology


  • Susan Brown University of Guelph, University of Alberta
  • John Simpson Compute Canada



Content management, Digital scholarship, Knowledge production, knowledge dissemination, public knowledge


Linked open data provides a means of producing an interlinked and more navigable scholarly environment to permit: the better integration of research materials; the potential to address the specificities of the nomenclature, discourses, and methodologies; and the ability to respect institutional and individual investments. The paper proposes a linked data publishing ecology based on collaborations between the scholarly, publishing, and library communities, and tempered by a consideration of the current state of linked data publishing practices and infrastructure gaps with respect to enabling such collaboration, particularly in the humanities.

Author Biographies

Susan Brown, University of Guelph, University of Alberta

Susan Brown is a member of the School of English and Theatre Studies and Canada Research Chair in Collaborative Digital Scholarship at the University of Guelph, and Visiting Professor in English and Film Studies and Humanities Computing at the University of Alberta.

John Simpson, Compute Canada

John Simpson is the Digital Humanities Specialist with Compute Canada based at the University of Alberta.