Transliterate Reading

  • Suzana Sukovic St. Vincent's College, Potts Point
Keywords: Transliteracy, Reading, Information behaviour, Scholars, Teenagers, Community


Most studies into reading from screen and paper focus on characteristics of reading established in relation to print. This article considers emerging digital practices based on studies of information behaviours of scholars in the humanities and teenagers, combined with insights into community use of a historical website. The emerging reading practices are related to the concept of transliteracy and described as “transliterate reading” – the practice of reading across a range of texts when the reader seamlessly switches between different platforms, modalities, genres, and types of reading. The concept of “netchaining” is used to describe an online behaviour that combines a range of media and activities, including reading.

Author Biography

Suzana Sukovic, St. Vincent's College, Potts Point
Head of Learning Resource Centre