Libraries: Sustaining the Digital Reader Experience

Elisabet Brynge, Holly Case, Ellen Forsyth, Gary Green, Ulf Hölke


As librarians involved with two online reading groups, Read Watch Play (a regular themed Twitter chat) and Read With Me (a live Web-based, face-to-face discussion using Adobe Connect), we consider how we present text in these specific online environments, and how this impacts the reader’s experience. Formats and interfaces used by both groups result in different types of reading experiences – including brief, mobile-based reads (Twitter chats) or more in-depth reads (blogs). Both groups recognize that reading is a critical skill required for discussions about books. We also recognize the value of face-to-face online discussions. This presents challenges for libraries in how they connect and interact with readers: encouraging reading discussions online, offering tools focused on reading, and connecting these with the full range of reading materials available in libraries, both online and off.


Libraries; online reading groups; Twitter; Adobe connect; reading; blogs

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