Expert/Crowd-Sourcing for the Linked Modernisms Project

  • Stephen Ross University of Victoria
  • Alex Christie University of Victoria
  • Jentery Sayers
Keywords: RDF, Linked open data, modernism, encyclopedia, collaboration, partnership, scholarly publishing


Though “Building Partnerships to Transform Scholarly Publishing” has never officially been part of the mandate of either the Modernist Versions Project (MVP) or Linked Modernisms (LiMo), upon reflection, it has turned out to be among their key functions. Advancing new ways of doing scholarship within the field of modernist studies has driven us to explore novel approaches to publishing, and demonstrated the utter necessity of partnerships to make those approaches effective. In what follows we will provide a quick introduction to the Modernist Versions Project and some of the tools we use, consider what sort of inquiries appear at scale, and give an overview of the Linked Modernisms Project. We will attend in particular to how this suite of projects has led us to rethink traditional scholarly publishing practices, and how partnerships have become indispensable to mobilizing our research.

Author Biographies

Stephen Ross, University of Victoria

Department of English

Associate Professor

Alex Christie, University of Victoria

Alex Christie is a doctoral research assistant with Implementing New Knowledge Networks (INKE) and the Modernist Versions Project (MVP). He works across the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab (ECTL) and the Maker Lab in the Humanities at the University of Victoria, using new and built media to model the procedural nature of modernist texts.

Jentery Sayers

Jentery Sayers is Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Maker Lab in the Humanities at the University of Victoria. His work has appeared in American Literature; e-Media Studies; Digital Studies / Le champ numerique; The International Journal of Learning and Media; Kairos; Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy; The Information Society; and Computational Culture, among others.