A Good Idea, a Difficult Reality: Toward a Publisher/Library Open Access Partnership


  • Rowland Lorimer Editor, Simon Fraser University




Journal publishing, Digital publishing, Open access, Journal/library publishing partnership


In principle, open access is accepted by all of academe. In practice, the lack of understanding on the part of scholars and librarians of the value that publishers add, which leads to the belief that content is the main determinant of value and usage, stands in the way of implementation. To maximize the value of research in an exploding, information-rich environment by commanding the attention of key users, publishers require sufficient revenue to add value in all publishing functions, from professional editing and layout through to strategic marketing and planning. Value maximization also requires research into review and acceptance dynamics and the nature of accessing and using published research.

Author Biography

Rowland Lorimer, Editor, Simon Fraser University

 Rowland Lorimer <Lorimer@sfu.ca> is Professor of Publishing and was the founding director of the Master of Publishing program and the Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing at Simon Fraser University.  For the last ten years his research has had a triple focus: the Canadian publishing industry, journal publishing, and the mass media. Lorimer has carried out more than 30 commissioned studies on book, magazine, and scholarly journal publishing in Canada. His current work is oriented to facilitating the transition of journal, book, and magazine publishers into online publishing. He has authored a wide variety of published books, scholarly articles, and major reports, some of which have resulted in substantial program and policy changes. His two major books are Mass Communication in Canada (all editions to the 8th) and Ultra Libris: Policy, Technology and the Creative Economy of Book Publishing in Canada.