Negotiations of engaged scholarship and equity through a global network of refugee scholars


  • Michaela Hynie Michaela Hynie is Associate Professor of Psychology, and Associate Director of the York Institute of Health Research, York University.
  • Susan McGrath York University
  • Julie E.E. Young Julie E.E. Young is Research Associate, Centre for Refugee Studies, York University. Email: .
  • Paula Banerjee Paula Banerjee is Professor, Centre for South and South East Asia Studies, University of Calcutta.



Collaborative research, Refugee research, Network, Engaged scholarship, Partnership


Research partnerships are the foundation of successful engaged scholarship, which typically unites partners across disciplines, institutions, sectors, and countries. While rewarding and generative, these partnerships can also be challenging due to differences in expectations, power, and culture, and difficulties in trust and communication. This article reports on interviews with members of an international refugee research network about participating in global partnerships. Responses are interpreted in light of community university partnerships and South-North partnerships and suggest that both face many similar challenges arising out of structures and norms that privilege Northern, theory-based scholarship, institutions, and outcomes. Vigilance and awareness regarding context can help to confront these challenges. Moreover, global partnerships can benefit from strategies developed in the area of community university partnerships to facilitate trust, communication, and shared ownership of international research projects.