OJS Implementation and development of the Scientific Journals Site of the School of Humanities and Education Sciences of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Carolina Unzurrunzaga, Cecilia Rozemblum, Cristian Pucacco, Gustavo Parente, Mauricio Esterellas


This article describes how the journal site of the School of Humanities and Education Sciences at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata was implemented and developed, so that our experience may be useful for anyone embarking on a similar undertaking. We first review the experience of the School in terms of scientific journal publication and the tasks performed by the Library to help its visualization. Secondly, we mention the work of the Under-Secretariat of Publication Management and Dissemination (PGEyD; its acronym in Spanish) of the School to make launching the site a reality. Special reference is made to software customization, massive information upload to the system (users and previous issues), and the procedures that enable the semi-automatic inclusion of the site content in the institutional repository and in the Web catalogue. Then, we discuss the work that is being carried out in connection with editors’ training and support, and the results obtained after one year of labour: the creation of 10 journals, the migration of the entire works of four titles and the inclusion of 25% of the contributions published in the journals edited by FaHCE. Finally, we point out a series of challenges that the Under-Secretariat has set itself to improve the site and to optimize intra- and inter-institutional workflow.


Scientific Journals, OJS, Universities, Argentina, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, School of Humanities and Education Sciences

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22230/src.2015v6n1a142


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