Regional History in a Digital Age: The Problems and Prospects of Atlantic Canadian Studies

  • Corey Slumkoski Mount Saint Vincent University
Keywords: Atlantic Canada, digital history, institutional partnerships, educational gaming


This article examines the state of Atlantic Canadian digital history. As Canadian granting agencies increasingly favour applications deemed relevant to business interests, it is difficult to secure funding to present Atlantic Canadian digital history. In order to secure the funding necessary to conduct Atlantic Canadian digital history, interdisciplinary team research strategies must be adopted, as Canadian granting agencies display greater willingness to support broad, multi-institutional collaborations. Moreover, such institutional partnerships will hopefully revitalize Atlantic Canadian digital history – which thus far has simply replicated the print paradigm – by encouraging historical presentation in novel and engaging ways, such as through educational gaming.

Author Biography

Corey Slumkoski, Mount Saint Vincent University
Corey Slumkoski is an assistant professor in the History Department at Mount Saint Vincent University.