Children of the (Touch)screen: A Genesis


  • Sol Gaitán The Dalton School



teaching, technology


This article describes experiments in teaching Spanish and Spanish literature using technology, which began in 1993 and have continued until today. The article describes the exciting genesis of a layperson who was lucky enough to dare, try, assess, and renew her teaching along the way through the use of technology via incipient uses of the Internet.


Author Biography

Sol Gaitán, The Dalton School

Sol B. Gaitán was born in Colombia, South America where she studied journalism.  She came to the US to complete a M.A. in Spanish Literature at West Virginia University.  She moved to New York City to go to the movies and to work on a Ph.D. in Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures at New York University.  She was offered a position at the Dalton School, where the freshness of children and adolescents and the high standards of the school intrigued her.  She remains there as a teacher os Soanish, and Hispanic Literature.  She is also a poet and a translator.