Electronic Environments for Reading: An Annotated Bibliography of Pertinent Hardware and Software (2011)

Corina Koolen, Ray Siemens, Alex Garnett


In the development of new research environments, hardware has often been neglected. E-readers have (reasonably) successfully been developed for leisurely reading, but reading with the goal of writing demands a different approach. This bibliography has been written to inform the INKE research group on physical aspects of digital scholarly reading. It consists of two parts: a hardware section, including a description of commercial e-readers as well as an overview of academically developed digital reading devices and a software section, also including commercially available packages next to academically developed reading environments which allow for flexible manipulation of text and other modalities; as well as reflections on digital scholarly reading. Combined, the two sections inform an integrated approach in the development of new research environments.


Reading environments; Knowledge environments; Social reading; Social media; Digital reading; E-reading; E-readers; Hardware; Software; INKE

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22230/src.2012v3n4a71


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