A report detailing the development of a university-based knowledge mobilization unit that enhances research outreach and engagement

David Phipps


This field note presents reflections from the perspective of a knowledge mobilization (KMb) practitioner after 5 years of developing and delivering KMb services in a university-based environment.  This field note is a “how to” based on experience from the field of KMb practice and places that experience in the context of academic literature. The paper concludes that KMb is not a single event or process but a system, a suite of services that work together to support the multi-directional connection of researchers with decision makers. The six KMb services that comprise the KMb system are informed by four broad KMb methods: producer push, user pull, knowledge exchange and co-production.  Examples of each KMb service are provided along with key observations that allow others interested in developing institutional KMb support services to implement these services in their own context. The field note concludes with clear recommendations for individuals and organizations interested in developing their own system of KMb services.


knowledge mobilization; collaboration; social innovation

Full Text:


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22230/src.2011v2n2a31


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