Fostering the institutional repository through policies and interoperability with online services: the case of Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Gonzalo Luján Villarreal, Franco Agustín Terruzzi, Marisa Raquel De Giusti, Ariel Jorge Lira, José Daniel Texier


Institutional repositories play a central role as preservation and dissemination hubs for academic institutions. They are useful to increase knowledge access, measure science production and to make public institutions transparent. Repositories must ensure a back-and-forth collaboration with many institution parties, by setting up transparent workflows and offering services to encourage its use. This article presents the case of Universidad Nacional de La Plata, where a combination of policies, workflows and developments has been established to foster its main repository. Consequently an important growth in size, rankings, usage and online visibility has resulted from the joint effort of many parties


Knowledge dissemination; Software development; Institutional repository

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