Reflections and Conjectures


Social science journals provide few opportunities of two types. First is for established scholars to step back from their research and share their broad reflections on their own research and that of others. Second is for parallels to Einstein's edge-of-knowledge, future-looking, theorical conjectures.

SRC wishes to contribute to addressing these shortcomings by inviting scholars to contribute soundly considered reflections and conjectures that may provide insight for evolving research.

The absence of overall reflections in social science journals may derive from implicit assumptions by scholars of what constitutes research.  There may be a need to expand assumed boundaries. The lack of published conjectures may be attributable to the complexity and indeterminate nature of human and social behaviour that appear to rule out elegant simplicity and conciseness, although the social media algorithms are challenging that view.

Whatever the reasons, SRC wishes to open opportunities that may enhance both research and society. Hence SRC's invitation, especially to established scholars, to contribute not AI (artificial intelligence) but person- or elder-based intelligence that they feel could assist in guiding emerging areas of research and contribute to human understanding.

Feel free to inquire and to discuss length and format.