Ibero-American Systems for the Dissemination of Scholarly Journals: A Contribution to Public Knowledge Worldwide

Ana Maria Cetto, José Octavio Alonso-Gamboa, Saray Córdoba González


A vast amount of scholarly journals are edited in Ibero-America, providing altogether a rich picture of the scientific production in this region. However, these journals have traditionally not been part of the international scientific mainstream. Different solutions have been sought to increase their access and visibility, using existing information systems and creating new ones tailored to the region's needs, as well as developing new electronic journals. An analysis of a sample of Latin American electronic journals highlights some features aimed at increasing their visibility. We also present the main features of 30 scientific Ibero-American online libraries and discuss their influence on editorial practices throughout the region. Some conclusions are drawn on the challenges and opportunities faced by journals as they seek to strengthen their presence on the international scene.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22230/src.2010v1n1a17


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