An Open Access Approach to Scientific Information Management at the Agricultural Research Corporation

Patrícia Rocha Bello Bertin, Fernando César Lima Leite, Isaque Vacari, Victor Paulo Marques Simão, Marcos Cezar Visoli


Abstract: This article presents the experience of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) – a large state-owned company that plays an important global role in research, development, and innovation for tropical agriculture – in the planning and implementation of Open Access to scientific information in the context of a developing country. The aim of this initiative is to provide the necessary mechanisms to capture, store, organize, preserve, retrieve, and widely disseminate the scientific information produced by Embrapa and by agricultural research communities. This report concludes with a discussion of the obstacles encountered and the organizational features, cultural considerations, and political matters that facilitate open access implementation at Embrapa.


Embrapa; Scientific communication; Scientific information management; Institutional repository

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